About Us

Artoftalk.tv tames the talk show beast by bringing the world of talk shows online like no other website has before – publishing daily news, commentary and video clips of talk show interviews and segments in a newspaper layout, organized in familiar news categories – it is the first and only destination site for talk shows online.

Talk shows are a staple in America’s entertainment diet. Every day, millions of Americans across every demographic, gender and ethnicity get their news, entertainment and politics from talk shows. With Jon Stewart being the most trusted news source on tv, with political and late night talk shows dominating discussions in the news and social media, and with more celebrities vying for their own talk shows now more than ever before, the question shouldn’t be, “Why a website about talk shows?” but rather, “How could entertainment publishers have overlooked such a gaping hole in online content?”

While there are sites that dabble lightly in reporting on talk shows (usually focusing only on late night or daytime talk shows), Artoftalk.tv takes a more all-encompassing, comprehensive look at talk shows – covering every genre of talk show including tv, radio and web talk shows (and even international and old school (classic) talk shows). Then navigation-friendly layout of the categories is recognizable and inviting for Users to both explore the site and to easily find specific content on-the-fly.

In addition to providing commentary and analysis on politics, business, entertainment, lifestyle and sports news featured on talk shows daily, ArtofTalk.tv also features categories aimed at making the navigation and consumption of a large amount of content more engaging and fun like LMAO (a buffet of comical talk show content including Monologues, Skits, Smackdowns and Comedians of Late Night).

Various ways of keeping abreast of the latest news about the talk show industry is provided in several unique categories such as The Digest (the latest talk show industry news including exclusives, interviews and book reviews), I-Spy (posts by under-cover writers about their experience at live talk show tapings) and Tweet-a-Host (a Twitter gallery of popular talk show hosts featuring each host’s real-time Twitter stream allowing Users to see the latest discussions about the host).

All content on the site is original. Each post is accompanied by a web video clip of a talk show interview or segment that is then analyzed and covered by a writer. We focus on individual interviews and segments from popular and fringe shows and present it in an easy-to-digest format. The site is social media friendly so as to build a bridge between the conversations happening on talk shows and conversations taking place on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

After a soft launch last summer that saw the site build its arsenal of talk show content to over 400 original articles and talk show clips, Art of Talk launched in October with a modest staff of four writers.

So what exactly is “the art of talk” anyway? Charlie Oliver (the founder) explains: “The art of talk is listening.